About me

I am Anitha…! The passion for cooking..

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I am Anitha Kirubakaran , living in Doha – Qatar with my family. I am a Home-maker n my passion is cooking n trying out new dishes.Other than cooking I love to watch & hear music.

I’ve become passionate about cooking through the days and now love to experiment different cuisines.
Being a food blogger I dont admit myself as an expert in cooking, to me the taste and perfection comes only by practise.

I must say a few words abt my hubby(I mention him as Kk in my post).He is the best critic for my cooking. He is mostly thruthful & I mostly agrees with him most of the times. He too knows that I blog here & he will also check with me whenver I publish any post.
In this blog, you can visit daily to find out my new veggie dishes – its making, ingredients, pictures, videos.
Will not restrict this blog to post only mine, if anybody of u sends some interesting dish, that will be posted too.!I hope you enjoy your time.

U r free to mail me @ anitha.kirubakaran05@gmail.com for any feedbacks/queries/comments.You can also keep in touch with me in FB or in twitter.

Happy Cooking,