Its been almost 2months since I did my blogging and I was busy and completely held up with so many personal activites. Now that I am back to blogging and I am still in Chennai and will be here for few more days! So, I will be posting some traditional,heirloom,summer recipes that are pilled up on my draft section!!So stay tuned for new recipes..

So, coming to today recipe – Korada is a traditional Chutney/pickle variety that is usually served during auscipious events.. They are super quick,instant to make and also it won’t take much time to prepare. Nothing fancy in making this recipe.. All you need is couple of ingredients that we always have in our fridge! They are bit spicy and it just tastes out of the world. The main ingredient is “Corainder leaves” and it has alot of health benefits.. Without further delay, here goes the simple recipe:

Preparation time – 10 mins /Yields – 1 cup

Corainder leaves -1cup(tightly packed)
Coconut -2tbsp
Green chillies – 5
Salt – as per your taste
Lemon juice – 2tbsp

Add all the ingredients to a mixie/blender and grind them into smooth paste. Just sprinkle water if required. You can store them in a refrigerator for 2-3days!


Korada is ready to serve… Perfect accompanishment with Idli, Dosa, Chapatis,Phulkas, Pori, Parathas and Rice. Curd rice with Korada is a classic combo.

1. Adjust the spiciness of the chillies as according to your taste. Usually they are little spicy.
2. You can also spread this korada in a bread and top with boiled and sliced potatoes and make it as a sandwich.

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