Strawberry and Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl are one of my favourite quick breakfast treats but offlate I have been loving to have them as a brunch or as a lunch too!! It keeps you chilled,cooled and filled throughout the afternoon. It is also perfect for snack too.  I have already posted the recipe for Apple and Pear Smoothie Bowl and Mixed fruit Smoothie Bowl 

Strawberry and Coconut Smoothie bowl makes a flavorful,delicious,healthy and they are packed with full of protein.. Strawberry are a good source of fiber and Vitamin – C. Coconut milk lowers cholestrol levels,improve blood pressure and prevents heart attack. This smoothie is diary free and it is a good option for vegan people. This recipe requires only 5 ingredients,one blender and 5minutes and it is ready in no time!! So start your day with a thick creamy ,protein packed strawberry and coconut smoothie that you can eat with a spoon!! You can top with any fresh fruits or nuts of your choice and this turns out to be a dessert for your breakfast! I always love to top up with extra fruits and nuts as it gives additional texture,color and ofcourse it enchances the smoothie. I have also added a hint of mint and it not only adds color to the smoothie it also has alot of health benefits. It aids digestion and has alot of anit-oxidants. Here goes the super simple recipe:
Preparation time – 5mins /Blending time – 5mins / Serves – 1

Strawberry – 1/2 cup
Banana – 1
Oats – 2tbsp
Coconut milk – 2 cup
Almonds – 4

For toppings:
Sliced strawberry,Banana,Chopped almonds,walnuts,Chia seeds,Pumpkin seeds,Coconut bits and Mint leaves.

1. In a blender add in strawberry,banana,almonds,oats,almond and coconut milk. Pulse them!! Adjust the conistency of the smoothie as according to your taste!
2. Top up with strawberry,banana,nuts and seeds of your choice.

Super delicious Strawberry and coconut smoothie bowl is ready to serve..Serve chilled.

1. Use fresh coconut milk. That gives the authentic taste.
2. I didnt add any sweetness to the smoothie as my banana was super sweet.. If you wish, you can top up with honey,maple syrup or demerara sugar.
3. Use frozen banana and strawberry if you want your smoothie be chilled or use ice cubes.

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